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Business Registration

If you are incorporated in another jurisdiction but your business plans to expand its operations into Quebec, we are here to help.


Our extra-provincial registration package provides a comprehensive solution, including all the necessary steps required to establish your company in Quebec. At Astre Legal, we take pride in providing a sophisticated level of service to ensure a smooth and efficient establishment process. Our team will handle all the details, allowing you to focus on getting established seamlessly in Quebec.

The registration process.

If you want to register your extra-provincial or foreign business in Quebec, you need to have a domicile in the province or appoint an agent for service who will act as your corporation's domicile or virtual office. You can learn more about our agent for service package by clicking here.


Afterward, we will register your extra-provincial or foreign business with the Quebec Enterprise Register and apply for GST/QST numbers if they are required. Once these steps are finished, your business will be all set to operate in the province.

Ready to Start?

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