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Non-Disclosure Agreement

You've worked hard to grow your business and you want to protect what you built. To maintain your competitive advantage, you work around the clock to innovate ideas, build products, and work on new projects. Now you want keep everything under wraps.


That's why our NDA package includes consulting with you, drafting the agreement, and reviewing it with you at the end to ensure everything you need to protect is covered. 

Key considerations of an NDA

Once we've identified the parties to the NDA, we define the information that is considered confidential. Each party needs to clearly know what information is being protected, and is it only information in writing or does it include oral information? If property or documents are being shared, then clearly indicate that it remains the property of the owner and must be returned. 

Further, you want to consider what information is excluded from the NDA (like information that is already known to the public).


Think about the scope. A NDA has two main components: (1) to keep the information confidential; (2) not to use the confidential information for personal benefit.

Remedies. The NDA should provide for remedies in case the agreement is breached (for example seeking an injunction, or compensation).

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