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Independent Contractor Agreement

You're looking to hire so you want to make sure everything is well-documented. Whether you need someone to work on a specific project, on a short-term basis, or as an external service provider, then an independent contractor agreement is the right choice for you. 

Our independent contractor package includes consulting with you, drafting the agreement, and then reviewing it with you to ensure all your needs are met. 

Key considerations of an independent contractor agreement

In hiring an independent contractor, you need to make it clear that the relationship between the company and the independent contractor is not that of an employer/employee. Include non-solicitation, non-disclosure, and non-compete clauses to ensure the business is protected.


The exact services to be provided by the independent contractor should be clearly indicated along with the term, if any. In the same vein, the agreement should clearly state how the independent contractor will be paid and with what frequency. 

The contract should include a framework for termination, the conditions, and the method of termination. 

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