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Corporate Continuance

Are you contemplating a relocation of your business to Quebec or to another province or country? Our corporate continuance service provides a seamless solution for transferring your corporation's jurisdiction. 

Corporate continuance refers to the procedure of shifting your business's governance from one jurisdiction to another. By continuing your business, you will no longer be subject to the laws of your current location, but rather those of your new destination. 

Whether you're planning on moving your company to Quebec or from here to another location, our corporate continuance service is the ideal solution for ensuring a seamless transfer of governance. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business navigate these intricacies.

How to move a corporation's 

Once all the requisite information has been gathered, we will initiate the process of seeking a continuance with the relevant jurisdiction. The specific filing requirements will vary based on the location of both the originating and receiving companies, and we will ensure that all necessary documentation is submitted to the appropriate corporate bodies. 

Upon successful completion of the filing process, you will receive a certificate of continuance, signifying the official transfer of your company's jurisdiction. At this juncture, your enterprise will be subject to the regulatory statutes and legal framework of your chosen province or country.

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