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Commercial Lease Agreement

Your potential tenant has found the perfect space to set up shop. Now it's time to get everything down in writing. We offer commercial lease revision and drafting services based on the agreement between the parties and the law to make sure you're well-protected.

The key elements of a commercial lease

Rent, taxes & utilities. The amount of rent and frequency of payments should be clearly indicated in the lease. Include any additional amounts you are responsible for paying, like the taxes and utilities.

Space. Your lease should state the premise being leased and any areas that are included. Does it include a parking spot? Who is responsible for clearing the snow? Are there common spaces in the building that are included in the lease? These should be discussed ahead of time. 

Term. Indicate the length of time for which you are renting the space and whether you can renew the lease. 

Disputes. Should you or the landlord default on obligations, what happens? The lease should set out ahead of time what happens if one party defaults on an obligation or a dispute arises.

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