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Employment Contract

Your business is growing and you need to hire an employee. Having the right employment contract in place helps you grow your business while protecting what you've worked so hard to build. 

Each of our employment contracts are drafted based on your specific situation and custom-tailored to your needs. 

The key considerations of an employment contract

Your employment contract should clearly list out the position and duties of your employee and their remuneration. Will you be paying hourly, or will your employee be salaried? Consider any additional benefits you may want to give provide, like vacation days, holidays, and employee stock options.

How long will the employment relationship last? Do you intend to hire an employee for a fixed time (six-month term, two-year term) or will the employee be employed indefinitely?

To protect your business trade secrets and prevent your employee from soliciting your other employees or clients, include non-divulgation and non-solicitation clauses. Additionally, how will disputes be resolved? Provide a dispute-resolution process.

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