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Shareholders' Agreement

You incorporated your business and you've got great business partners. Taking the time in defining your business relationship with your fellow shareholders is an investment into the stability of your business. We can help. 

Our shareholders' agreement is tailor-suited to your specific business. We'll discuss the important terms, and help you think through what to do if certain situations arise so you and your shareholders can focus on business.

Key considerations for shareholders' agreement

Shareholders' agreements outlines the relationship amongst the shareholders of your corporation. Will everyone have the same type and number of shares? In the same vein, consider the contributions of each shareholder to the corporation. Contributions relate to money, time, effort, property. 

The shareholders should establish how the profits, losses, and expenses of the business will be split and who will be paid first. Will the shareholders be receiving dividends? What if one shareholder wants to sell their shares and exit the corporation? Everything should be spelled out. 

If disputes arise, what are the mechanisms for handling them? Having a dispute resolution process in place will help everyone know how to handle such situations.

What happens in case of death or disability of one of the shareholders? Who will get their shares in the corporation?


The shareholders should discuss how the corporation will be dissolved, and how they can exit the corporation. 

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